A compendium

About Chāyā

Chāyā (छाया, chhaya), the word–in hindi–is an umbrella term for ghosts, spirits, etc. And this project is a collection of information on supernatural entities as known in different cultures across India.

This is a personal project, where I will be illustrating and writing about the various apparitions. And since it is not based on pure speculation on my part, there could very well be some truth in these stories.

I’ll be focussing on the female entities for now. Because admit it, female ghosts are way more scary! Men, even after death, could only try to scare you; sure, they’d smash stuff around or, at their worst, they’d kill you. But a female ghost would get inside your head! She’d screw your life and would make you wish you were dead, but she wouldn’t let you die. So, yeah, I’m a fan.

Disclaimer: I’ll be dealing with some debatable stuff here and with some very old yet unanswered questions. Of course, I don’t know if ghosts exist, for real, or if they have genders that somehow determine their behavioural patterns. And if there are in fact female ghosts, I have no clue how they would end up in whites! Rationally, I can give reasons that makes it all a part of human imagination. But then isn’t everything a part of that imagination? Reality could very well be an illusion, we could just be a simulation in a game of SIMS, inside a black hole.  

Sadly, these questions will remain unanswered. For now, my research is based on people’s beliefs, especially of those who believe in these apparitions. Because life’s so much better when we believe in each other!
The things we think we see, the reality we think we live in; it’s different for each one of us.


The Game Plan

The plan, or more accurately, the goal is to publish the collection as a physical book. Think of it like a mix between a lavish coffee-table book and an ancient codex, if that makes any sense whatsoever. But that’s a long term goal, once the “book” has a substantial number of pages.

An even bigger goal is to do these series of books on ghosts from different parts of the world. But it’s too much into the future, I should step back.

The plan, however, is a tricky thing to answer. I actually don’t have much of a plan. Right now this project isn’t going to pay any of my bills and so it’s not super high in my priority list. But since it’s a passion project, it is in that list.
I plan to keep working on it. And I hope people will support me along the way.



The closest of a plan I have is to post this series on Patreon. Most of this will be open to public consumption, but it will give people a chance to support me and be a part of this project.

Here is a link to the Patreon page. You can support and follow me there.



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