Wacom One

In recent news, I got this super small, and by far the cheapest, wacom tablet—Wacom One, to experiment with digital paintings. Not sure if Wacom still manufacturing them, but they are available on Amazon for about Rs. 4300 INR / $64 USD.

If you’re somewhat serious about digital painting you can start with this, but mostly people suggest to at least go Intuos.

Anyway, I am a traditional painter and not much into digital paintings, but I wanted it to do digital sketches etc., because it’s not easy to sketch with a mouse. Trust me, I know. So, I got this one:

      The working area of this is less than 4×6 inches, super small. Get at least the 5×8 ” size.


I once had a Wacom, like, four years ago, but then I lost its pen and never bothered to get a replacement.

But speaking of pens, this pen is not super comfortable to use, and that’s a bummer! Or maybe it is for me, IDK. Otherwise I am using this pen-tablet since morning and have a total of like 10 hours of experience with this thing and so far it is okay for my purposes, I just need to do something about the pen. My painting space is not fully equipped to use a pen-tablet, so that’s something I need to fix as well.

That’s the first one I did as a test. Turned out not bad, I think.

All that being said, one thing I’ve noticed after using it for a day, I am kind of comfortable with working digitally. And that’s surprising, even for myself. I tried digital painting once, but I did not like the process at all. But this time, I think, the difference is, four years ago I didn’t know how to paint! Now that I am kind of aware of the traditional painting process, maybe that’s why I am not hating these digital tools. Just an interesting observation.

So I’ve done a few sketches since morning, but I’m not sharing them all. I think I can use these sketches to resuscitate my almost dead sketchbook, so keeping some for that.

I’ve also started, as a serious experiment, a proper portrait painting. If it works out well, and if I can manage to finish it, I might consider doing some professional works digitally. We’ll see how this one goes.

More of a digital scribbling of Dr. Tyson, a work in progress as of now.

I thought I could also record a video of the process as it is relatively super easy to record a process video for a digital painting than a traditional one. But unfortunately, my five-year old laptop is not capable of doing that. (But if your machine is not this old, and you have Windows 10, you can get to those setting by pressing Windows+G.)


However, I created a GIF instead. Hah!

One, two, three, stop!

In case that doesn’t work, check it here: Neil deGrasse WIP


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