Shit Happens!

Well, shit. And nope, this is not a shrug to justify the sociopolitical state of the world, nor a comment on what we—as humans—have become. In fact, this is the truth; the gist of most of our lives; two words to explain it all!

Anyway, long story short, earlier this month, someone broke into my website server and stole nothing! Well, instead they spilled a lot of bad codes. Turned out those codes had mentions of some recent Bollywood flick. Bad promotion strategy, Mr. Badri. Very bad. Terrible!

But it worked, apparently. Just not for me.

This little incident cost me a lot of data (I thought I had it all backed up!); some of my sites became useless; and I got a bad website rating from google—for being hacked! Victim shaming? Nah! Maybe. IDK. 🙁

Anyway, so now, even though I am trying to figure out what can be done, I thought I should make it clear with a blogpost. Here’s a list of websites that won’t work. (My food art blog thingy.) (My..umm..well, nevermind!) (My Who-Lock fan comic.) (Small sketchbook-y thing.) (My main short story collection.)


It’s been kinda stressful and some of it is not going to be fixed, but I will try to fix the important ones. For now, these pages should bring you back to this page. #pageception


What now?
Well, to be honest, I am not sure. I am trying to make this stuff work, but I might also change my strategies. I’ll update this page if anything changes.

In other news, I am also trying to get back to work after a stressful month. Things were a little rough even before the hacking debacle. So yeah, let’s see how this goes.


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