Are You Original?

Being original is a big deal, right? I know. We artists often try to be original, and boy do we try hard! Because that’s what we are supposed to do: We are artists, we must be original! We must be different!
Actually, nope.

We are different enough already, we don’t have to worry about being more different. In fact, if you think about it, you can connect with more people just by being less different. Isn’t it the point of all arts? Isn’t it what we as artists strive for? To connect with each other on a deeper level.


This is a sketch I did for #Inktober 2014, and today seeing this kinda triggered this post.


And just like you’re different enough, you are also original enough that you don’t have to worry about that as well; and also because you cannot be more original than you already are. So, well.

You are a result of your life experiences, and you will always borrow from that. It is a good thing, this makes you human. And good for you, a good number of your audience is also human.

Most of us share similar life experiences and that’s why we relate to some pieces of art over the other; not because they are original and different, but in fact because they are not.


Keep calm and have some tea. Another Inktober 2014 sketch.
Keep calm and drink tea. Another #Inktober 2014 sketch.


Don’t worry about being original, instead focus on being authentic.


Nihil sub sole novum, Watson. Inktober 2014
Create your own job. #Inktober 2014


So how can you be authentic?
Remember the part where you’re already original enough? Exploit that.

Instead of trying to come up with a story which no one can understand because it is so original and so different, try to tell an unoriginal story—differently—in your own way. Make it yours.


You are unique. Use it as your superpower. Another inktober 2014 sketch
It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day; it’s a new life! Another #Inktober 2014 sketch

Don’t try to be original, just focus on being authentic and true to yourself, and you’ll do good. You are unique, you have a voice. Use it.

PS: Also, #Inktober is coming, do take part and make something cool! It doesn’t have to be different. 🙂

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  1. A great read. You sound such as the voice is coming from across the screen, as if you were speaking these words…amazing quality. Keep it coming. Just love it.

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