I am a professional illustrator with more than eight years of experience in a variety of design and illustration projects.

My art is defined by its emotional darkness and its emphasis on characters and story. I have an eye for design, composition, color and creativity; and professional skills to carry your vision from a concept to a finished illustration, be it for print or the web.

Primarily a traditional painter, I mostly work in oils and gouache paints. Sometimes I also work digitally. If you are interested in my painting process, please follow me on Instagram. As most of the sketches and WIPs can be found there. I also blog, sometimes. I am still working on the frequency though.

Other than being a painter, I also write short stories. My main writing site (TheGrimBook.com) got hacked a couple of months ago and I lost almost all the data. So that’s something I am yet to fix. If interested to know more about the stories, please follow me on social and you’ll get notified of any new progress.

I am also working on a compendium of supernatural beings, Chāyā.


Oh, and it’s pronounced Grim-You-Were, and Ru-pam rhymes with Blue-Plum, in case you’re wondering.